How to erase all downloads on a mac

There are a number of times when things we have downloaded are too embarrassing to have or just no longer of any use, these unwanted files take up valuable space and thus people jump towards deleting these downloads for good. If in the past you have had troubles removing the things that you have downloaded from your device, then we have come here to your rescue.

Here are 4 easy solutions that can help you delete downloaded files on Windows. It is apparently one of the easiest operating system to work on. But if you have been having issues with deleting items or files on Windows, here is a step by step guide to make sure that you can get rid of those files and items forever. First thing first, you need to go to the folder that stores your downloads. But this is not true in every case, sometimes, the users can place the files in other folders also.

In that case you need to locate the files using the search programs option.

Delete an item from your Mac or iCloud Drive

The next step is fairly simple, you can either drag the files that you want to delete to the recycle bin or you can right click on the file and select the Delete option. The folder that stores the downloaded files by default can be accessed by two ways, you can use any you find more fitting and convenient.

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But if you have changed the location of the files that you have downloaded then you need to search for the file in general using the name of the file to get hold of it. An important thing to remember is that on MAC, the programs are downloaded as Disk Images, even after you have downloaded the programs the these disk images remain on the computer, taking up huge amounts of space.

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So, when it comes to programs, uninstalling them is only half the game. Uninstalling the program should be accompanied with removing the Disk Images also. To delete Mail downloads saved in this folder just delete the files you don't need and then close the folder. In some cases, you may have a duplicate of the same downloads in both folders, which means these will be taking up even more space. One way to save space and stop mail download overload is to use an email client that makes it easier to find, organize and delete attachments.

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Take Unibox , for example, which groups emails by sender, making it far more intuitive and easy-to-use compared to Mail or other email services. All of these features make it significantly easier to find and delete attachments, no matter which email service you use.

How to Delete Files and Folders on a Mac For Dummies

This app will work with every popular and self-hosted email provider, with one simple download and setup process. Before switching email client, however, you might want to get rid of existing gigabytes of useless attachments. Most people would have attachments and duplicates of those files, images, documents and videos dating back to when they first bought their Mac, with some going back to previous Macs if you synced from one device to another when setting-up a new computer.

That is potentially a lot of old downloads and duplicates! One of the best ways to get rid of Mac Mail downloads is using CleanMyMac X , a popular and easy-to-use app that over 3 million people are using to remove documents, files, images, apps, music and other junk that they don't need anymore. Also available from Setapp, you can get your Mac tidied up then download a new email client that will keep it more organized.

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Do emails take up storage? Folders, files, downloads, documents and any other media created during the period you wish to erase must be tracked down and placed in the bin. Place any applications you installed within the affected two days in the recycle bin. In Firefox, it is located in the main menu.

In Chrome, it is hidden under the menu button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. In Safari, it is displayed on the toolbar.