Radius on mac os x server

I set up a connection to test from my macbook, and my requests are timing out. Calvin Froedge Calvin Froedge 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. I realise this question was closed a long time ago. But I don't suppose you still have a copy of radperf available?

[SOLVED] Macs, RADIUS, x, and Computer Authentication? - Windows Server - Spiceworks

The networkradius. This question was never closed, and nobody has yet provided an answer. The 10 is the request's NAS-Port attribute. In most cases, it doesn't matter what you set for the NAS-Port, so long as its a reasonable port number. The commands above will install FreeRadius 2. This may change in the future as FreeRadius progresses to a v3.

If you want more sophisticated testing abilities, check out the radclient man page for more details.

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Install freeradius-server on Mac OSX

The file may display as -. Since you are installing the certificate for the first time, the page will display a warning that the certificate was signed by an unknown authority. Click the Add button to select and add the intermediate CA certificate gv. Note that Enterprise Settings options do not appear until after you have selected the Security Type. When the dialog appears, warning you that the profile requires user input when installed on a device, click Save Anyway. Your WiFi profile configuration is done.

These instructions detail how admins can install WiFi profiles on end-user machines. These instructions can be used by end users who received the transferred WiFi profile file from admins.

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Note: these instructions use Apple Configurator 2. As an admin, you can update the WiFi profile to install on end-user machines or distribute to end users to install. Save your WiFi profile. Your WiFi profile configuration update is complete.

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