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This will not damage your computer or remove anything from your hard drive. But it may solve strange problems. If you have issues regarding sound, display resolution, startup drive selection, time-zone and kernel issues a pram reset could help. Turn your Mac off, then turn it on and immediately hold all keys pictured above down. Release the keys after about seconds. Your Mac will probably restart during this. For older Macs that have the startup chime you can release the keys after the second chime. For iMac Pro you can let go of the keys when the Apple logo shows and disappears for the second time.

Another thing you could try is an SMC reset. Especially if your laptop have problems accepting power or wont charge. Strange fan behavior or low performance. If nothing of the above helps maybe a full format of your hard drive and a reinstall of the OS may be the only viable solution. If you have a fairly new Mac — ish you should be able to start from the recovery partition if you hold CMD and R when you restart. From there you can reinstall. Start up from Internet Recovery: Then let go of the keys.

Let it load and reinstall OS X this way. When your computer and account is set up. Even if you have a old Mac it may be able to upgrade to a newer version of OS X. If your computer is very slow it can also be a symptom of a hard drive that is going bad especially if it makes strange noises.

This applies to all types of computers not only Macs. Make sure to check the hard drive using Disk Utility and if it finds any errors make sure to backup what you can right away. If your 13 inch macbook pro is slow, you have replaced the hard drive and still have problems? Try getting a new SATA cable for it and replace that. You find it on ebay. Max out the RAM in your computer, especially if you run a lot of apps at the same time. Another extremely recommended option is to replace the hard drive inside your Mac to an SSD.

If you havent tried SSD yet do it! It will blow your mind in terms of speed and it can breathe new life into older computers for sure. Solving slow mac performance using money to buy new hardware is one option of course. But you should try the others first.

Although SSD is extremely nice to have, you never want to go back! Nowadays most macs are delivered with SSDs though. I hope this guide helps you to get your Mac in shape. If you liked this guide, it will really help me and this site if you share it with others on Facebook, twitter etc. You will find the buttons for that below.

Take your pick! I hope that installing that OS will solve my slow issues. If my mac has been behaving very slow over the past few months, what are the chances it is due to a poor performing hard drive? Use the old HD to store docs etc.


Mac Running Slow? 14 Things you MUST try

Nice article! Just what I was looking for! Taming Time Machine and polishing that Onyx stone have done a great service to my ought ten iMac! Good helpful information and I will try…. Have had the slow script since MacKeeper. And my files…. I do alot of graphics and games. You should definitely backup your files to some sort of external hard drive, or memory stick depending on how much data you have.

When you have done that perhaps a complete format and reinstall is the best thing for your computer.

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This is the nicest freebie tip that Ive read for my aging MBP. Thanks and more power to you! Do you think this is likely or, better still, do you know of a way to test for this? You can test and repair your hard drive using Disk Utility. Maybe I should add that as a tip. Did you try running Onyx as mentioned above? Tip nr 7. Thanks, — decided to wipe the hard drive and reinstall Mavericks.

12 Reasons Why Your Mac Runs Slow With Mountain Lion -

Things are MUCH faster. Boot up with ALT pressed 2. This is just what it looked like before] 3. Took about an hour. OK, Bjoernar, can you please walk me through how to get rid of MacKeeper …. Thanks … Jorge. Once in the trash, you can lock each one, except MacKeeper. I have not as yet tried to empty my trash to see if MacKeeper will be permanently removed. But have no fear. My experience is that once a file is in the trash the computer cannot open or utilize them.

8 easy ways to speed up your Mac

Here are some instructions I found on how to remove MacKeeper, maybe it works for you guys? Thank you sooooo much for hunting this, Bjoernar.

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Also, people could resort to creating an extra user account and see if the mac also performs slowly in that account.. And MacKeeper sucks so much, the ugly mascott, their bad product…very annoying! I am happy you specifically warn against it. This is a nice share Bjoernar. Thank you very much. I would like to say that there are some additional things that can be done to speed up your mac, like doing an SMC reset and a PRAM reset, as expalined in this post that I wrote myself!

Thats true, I have some instructions about that here: My fear is that it will go terribly slow more than now! I really want to install th latest xCode as well. Mavericks is more optimized so it could run faster. I would install it. Make sure to backup first. Thanks, ok will try. Btw, the PRAM reset gave life back to my laptop! Thanks for the superuseful trick.

Just wanted to say thank you for posting this advice, Bjoernar; it has been very helpful and I appreciate the effort on your part. Thank you for this page! Please keep it up! I hope for many people it will show up in top results of google searches. I found your comment about MacKeeper funny. The list is of various tools used for disk and system testing ranging from the free, like Disk Utility and smartmontools to the expensive.

I have already cleaned up my fans and solved the overheating problem, but the problems remain. Upgraded my OS, run apple hardware test nothing came up and everything is still the same. I can not even watch a movie here. My question is: To me it sounds like some kind of hardware problem. It could be anything really, your hard drive, motherboard, memory. Or too much cooling paste on the CPU. I think you should get someone to take a look at it. Parts inside computers can fail, even expensive Macs.

I need some advice. Which one of these is better and why?

Snow Leopard Hanging-Running VERY SLOW

For example, is the first MBP better than the second one? Can i buy more memory to the second later? The Inch is obviously faster. Editing media can also make more use of the additional CPU cores the 15 Inch have. It is not possible to upgrade the memory on the retina model. Hi Bjoenar. It might not seem immediately obvious, but having a desktop full of app and document icons is a surefire way to slow down your Mac. Make sure that all your files and folders are organised in a series of hierarchical subfolders.

You may have seen inexperienced users organise files that way, but it can definitely make your computer feel more sluggish. I've been passionate about Apple ever since I bought my first iPod followed by a white polycarbonate MacBook in Roland's Google Profile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Unless you bought a retina display mac, in which case you are SOL. Awesome machines other than the lack of upgrade and battery replacement options though.

Re Same goes for unused preference files imho. My main culprit was GeekTool. A calendar geeklet I was using was set to refresh every 0 seconds! As soon as I changed it to every seconds, the machine was suddenly snappy again. On my iMac, you can hear the hard disk running constantly. This is a great and helpful article, but 9 might be better off as 1 or 2 since this happens no matter what and can be the most annoying.

Do a fresh install i instead of upgrade, if you have a rpm hardrive replace with a rpm , save your data songs, videos, etc on separate partition and avoid as possible install too much programs that runs services on background.

Speed and performance issues

I think the OS itself has performance issues. And in case you think my Internet coonexion is to blame, 50 of these 88s we had the default Safari list of recent items, ie it had not even been as far as clearing the screen. During thaat time, trying to switch input languages by clicking on the little flag caused no visible response for 12s. Apart from which, there are also quite a few problems hounding it: There are several methods you can employ to get rid of the speed issues hounding your Mac. The issue may not even be an operating system related one in the first place: If you lighten the strain on your hard drive, your computer is sure to speed up a notch and solve most performance issues.

Consider installing third-party software like CleanMyMac read our review , an app which can help you get rid of cluttered files that take up a ton of space from a single, central program. One of the main reasons why some users are experiencing performance issues in El Capitan is mainly because of the wrongly configured disk permissions. If the permissions are wrongly configured, then the software that uses the file may not be able to run it correctly, causing speed issues.

However, in El Capitan, disk permissions are protected and you can no longer access it. You can check out the programs causing the performance issues on the Activity Monitor. To access this simply go to Spotlight or go to the Utilities folder via Applications. You never know, something might have gone wrong during the installation phase. However, the whole process will require a lot of effort and a few hours. In this case, your best bet would be to purchase a new Mac computer. Apart from the speed and performance issues, there are other, more specific problems as well.

Although the slow WiFi problems hounding Yosemite have barely been carried over into El Capitan, you may still encounter some problems. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to fix this, including:. When Mac users installed El Capitan, the most telling problem was the unresponsiveness of Microsoft Office, which is highlighted by lag and slow loading speeds. Fortunately, Apple has recently released an El Capitan patch that fixes the problem. You can install the newest patch by heading over to the Apple icon on the left side of the menu bar and by performing a system update.

Microsoft also released a patch of its own. Apparently, El Capitan has trouble printing landscape documents — this arises when users try to print PDF landscape documents using the Preview feature. Click on the Print tab and right click on the printer and select Reset Printing System. After doing so, restart both your Mac and printer. After doing so, you will be able to print documents without worry. Try to let the whole process finish so Spotlight will be able to run smoothly. Another post El Capitan problem is the slower Safari. Do this by heading over to Safari in the menu bar, clicking Preferences, then Privacy, and finally clicking on the Remove all website data option.

Basically, the cache is designed to quicken loading times by saving certain elements in web pages that you visit often. For example, if you happen to visit a particular blog everyday, the browser takes note of this and downloads certain elements present in it. However, doing too much of this can slow down the browser experience, especially when some of the already-downloaded elements are now outdated. Overall, a slow Mac can always be fixed. I notice there are no replies, why leave this feature on your blog when your not publishing all the flack from another Apple ass kissing exercise like all the other reviews of El Crapitan.

Rotating progress boot animation taken away deliberately because your mac does take significantly longer to boot because Apple have deployed more security SID. Googling slow mac and downloading MacKeeper will only kill your Hard Drive before you can back it up and it fails for good. I have a brand new Mac with the latest version of el capitan I installed Office Office with the latest version as confirmed by our local Apple Store. We have found major issues that will cause businesses to go broke because of glitches with Excel putting information in the wrong cells, even when the cursor has clicked the correct cell.

The problems I have found are becoming numberless.