Best mac blushes for tan skin

How are you? Awesome post and i loooooveee all of them!

Proof That Even You, Yes You, Should Be Wearing Blush

But why no Melba here? I have rarely ever finished any of my makeup. They expire faster than they finish.

I am going home today and I am gonna pull my mom to buy me awesome pretty makeup like yours!!!! Awasome collection Rati! As in, how do you decide which one to pick with which lipstick shade or eye makeup? I want Desert Rose and Breezy…loving the colors…you have a beautiful collection of blushes Rati..

Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous: TOP 3 MAC BLUSHES FOR FAIR/LIGHT SKIN

Your email address will not be published. Lipstick is Captive from MAC. Desert Rose is a great shade for all skin tones. For deeper desi skin tones it can be worn as an everyday blush. For light to medium skin tones I like it for evening, especially paired with berry or rose colored lips.

Lipstick is Kinda Sexy from Mac. Melba is the perfect peach shade of blush. The shade of peach compliments light to medium Arab skintones beautifully. You can of course wear bronzer or a beige shade of blush but what looks really nice is Frankly Scarlett. A must have. Blush does not apply smooth on bare skin. It helps your makeup look come together.

Medium Skin

For shine choose another shade of shimmery blush or a highlighter and just apply that on the apples of the cheeks. Shimmer and shine enhance bumps and as well make the face look wider.

The most boring or regular looking blushes can look amazing on and some of the more bright and colorful blushes can look terrible on. Your email address will not be published.

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The new KIKO There are other color families that are great to have but, these are the necessary three! On to my blush choices… Click pictures to enlarge. Cubic is the perfect go-to blush for ANY look. If I am in a rush and need to just grab something and throw it on, I always reach for this one. It is a satin finish, and while there are tiny amounts of sparkle in the pan, Cubic applies completely matte.

You do have to build this blush up a little bit, and it is definitely the least pigmented of the three. Absolutely perfect, LOVE! Cubic vs Tenderling?

How To Pick The Right Blusher Formula And Finish

If you put the pans right next to each other they are a CLOSE match, although they apply to the skin a little differently. Do you need both? I would definitely say, NO.