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Cons I can't save or exit the game. I had to force quit the game so I could get to work on my Mac this AM Summary I'm thrilled to be able to play Riven on my Mac with all the sounds, graphics and movies intact but hope someone can tell me how to get the menu bar to appear. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? Pros Worked flawlessly after finding a disk torrent, already hours into the fun.


Cons Did not take my disks. Summary Running Snow Leopard 1O. Pros Effortless installation. Cons The setup is problematic for those of us who do not have access to contrast adjustments, but I really did not need access to one with my iMac monitor. Summary Rivin is a beautiful and often under-rated piece de resistance of the late 90's gaming era. Reply to this review Read reply 1 Was this review helpful? Report this post. Please Wait.

An Applecare phone advisor recommended this community for help, so here I am, though not knowing if this is a legitimate question for the group. It's quite possible to Boot Camp XP3 or XP2 onto a partition within the 2tb time machine drive internal , as there is tons of space there. Would a bootcamp version of windows possibly run the PC realmyst disc better than the Vmware emulation?

Other mac users at this site seem to think bootcamp is a cleaner faster way to run windows. Your advice would be appreciated.

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I just want to play Misty again. The CS5 scratch drive is a partition on the 2tb drive along with time-machine. I don't know if three partitions on a drive is a good or bad idea. Scratch could easily be moved to another drive if appropriate. In fact the boot drive is 1tb and XP could go there if optimal.

Posted on Jan 21, 1: Page content loaded. Jan 21, 1: So it doesn't matter whether you boot in 32 or 64 bit but it does matter whether you installed Rosetta on your system optional when you installed your system to handle the ppc code. Skip to content It might seem simple, but we see an incredible amount of people post here about spills. List of Macintosh games - Wikipedia.

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All replies. Thanks must go to this thread on the Myst forums for the solution. The sound problem stems from the fact that Intel Macs user a dual processor, while Myst III was designed for a single processor, and simply doesn't know how to use the second.

The solution is to turn one of the processors off. However, you can't do that with the default system install—you'll need to download the following file from the Apple Developer's Connection: CHUD Tools Note that the link does not lead directly to the file—you'll need to locate it in the list—and that you may be asked to create an account with Apple Developer Connection, which is free..

Version 4. Having downloaded the dmg, double-click to open it and then launch the installer package. That will install a bunch of things in a 'Developer' folder, which you'll find right next to your 'Application' folder. You'll need to do a little digging, but you should find a file called 'Processor. PrefPane'—double-click that and System Preferences will launch, asking for confirmation to install the pane.

The location of 'Processor. Open that, and then deselect the check-box for CPU2.

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Another—simpler—option is to use an application such as the excellent shareware application TinkerToolSystem to toggle the number of processors. Just remember that although Myst III only requires one processor, you should turn the second processor back on when you finish playing, or you might well experience slowdowns in other apps. If you think you'll be switching back and forth a lot you can check the option in the preference pane to show the control in the menu bar. As before, I'd recommend doing a full install—using the minimum install meant that the CDs were almost permanently in use—I guess from Rossetta converting the information on the fly.

And there still may be the occasional glitch—remember that the game was written for OS9, upgraded to OSX, and now runs through using Rossetta translation on Intel, so there's bound to be the odd hiccup.