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Now, click Install. The installer will now download Hotmail Messenger: depending on your internet connection speed, this may take a few minutes. After the installer has finished downloading Hotmail Messenger, it will automatically install it on your computer.

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You will know that the installation was successful, and that Hotmail Messenger is now on your computer when you see the " You're almost done " screen. Choose to change or keep your browser's search engine and homepage, and click Continue.

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Tip: Windows 7 will now automatically notify you of updates to the Hotmail Messenger and other software of that Suite. If you want to install updates as they come out, you may need to check for "Optional Updates" - as shown below, just check the " Windows Live Essentials " checkbox, and Windows Updates will seamlessly install the upgrades for you:. Hotmail Messenger will now launch in a window titled " Windows Live Messenger " remember, this now is the official name of Hotmail Messenger. This concludes our tutorial on the Hotmail Messenger download process; it only took a few clicks, and you are now ready to start using the latest version of Hotmail Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, alongside Hotmail!

Hotmail Tutorial The new Hotmail Hotmail. At the same time, Microsoft allowed people to create email addresses not only on hotmail. New email addresses are available only as outlook. Important : Outlook.

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One — Outlook. Microsoft seems to remain committed to giving things exceptionally confusing names. Unfortunately, I do hear of missing Outlook. It might make sense to visit the Outlook. Download right-click, Save-As Duration: — 2. As Leo said, this sounds like your account may have been hacked. If you even suspect your account has been hacked, tit would be prudent to follow the instructions in this article. Email hacked? The iritating thing is when the delete drops down and my complete message is lost.

Windows Live Messenger

It happens also if I am using microsoft word. There is no set pattern, it just happens.

Of course will writing this note, nothing is happening. Jerry: I would suspect that you have a problem with your keyboard — perhaps the Alt or some other key sticking. If possible, try a different keyboard. If the problem persists, you have some software virus?? Nonetheless, eliminate the hardware possibility first. Good luck. All bad very bad. It seems like that new account hack is very common with MSN and Yahoo mail. Unfortunately as these attacks are a bit more common we might see them snowball more and more and render the major freemails useless eventually.

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Pay a little bit for an account where you can solve your problem by phone if necessary. Interesting, but they are not necessarily the same. I have a hotmail account and a msn account. They are separate mail accounts and I have to log on to each to get my mail. Leo, Just to complete the picture, can you also comment on Windows messenger and Windows Live Messenger?

I have seen a number of computers which are running both not realising that Windows messenger was already starting automatically. Moral of the story???

Creates Hotmail Emails Backup in PST, EML, MBOX File Formats For Mac

Very big IS bad!! Giants do what they feel like doing. Most products out of Microsoft are poor copies of things previously offered elsewhere. Support the alternatives. Use another eMail service!! In fact, the same applies to other areas. See what big banks did to the economy? I have moved all my business to small banks.

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I had a email account, removed hotmail. This is my correct hotmail address!! Any ideas??? Wow what a mess. I have my own Domain on a wi fi system at a park in Texas that I use outlook express on. Neither of these are accepted by MSN, or windows 7. Leo, I have an involved question.

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I purchased many apps with the msn id and fear that I am going to lose them if I switch. I also have a hotmail account. Do you have any suggestions? Hotmail is just one of several email accounts I use, depending on the scenario.